Principal's Desk

Mrs. Nitu Sharma

Dear Friends,

"Stand up,be bold,be strong.Take the whole responsibility on your shoulders and know that you are creator of your own destiny.All the strength and success you want is within yourself."-Swami Vivekanand .

Aegis International School is an institution that focuses on excellence in Scholastic and Co-scholastic aspects of the child's personality.Academics has been and will continue to be our first priority.We are very fortunate to have an outstanding faculty and support staff,who work diligently to realize the vision of all round excellence.

Each child is different.We,as educators offer and provide opportunities to each of the individual to bring out the best in them. It is said that a  leader is born with the birth of every child .The need is to provide an enabling environment and careful nurturing to the diverse talented children under our care.

We provide a safe and positive environment where children can reach their maximum potential ,transferring them into responsible citizens. Our quest is to improve and strive for excellence by offering a healthy array of extra curricular programmes.

The younger generation today is exposed to the knowledge and information boom. They are highly spirited. Their confidence and competence levels are higher. They are smarter than their predecessors and are privileged in many ways. The need of the hour for school is therefore, to instill in them certain universal values like discipline, honesty, obedience, humility, compassion etc.

            We glorify what a child "can do'' rather than ''cannot'' and this does wonders for their confidence. Our endeavour is to groom compassionate and conscientious young citizen of tomorrow, capable of taking the world in their stride and displaying the verve and vigor essential for every venture for every victory.



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