• Our classrooms are installed with good furniture.
  • The design specifications of our classrooms are comfortable.
  • The maximum capacity planned is 25 students for pre-primary & for Senior classes 35 students.
  • The tables and benches are carefully made to ensure that the edges are round and smooth so that it should  not hurt the children.
  • There are also bulletin boards and display boards placed both inside and outside the classrooms for the  information for students.


  • The Smart class enhanced classrooms to promote progress learning through audio-visual lessons so that  the students grab more through listening and speaking skills.
  • The system makes the teaching and learning interesting and easy. Interactive system has inbuilt lesson  plans and readymade questions and answers sheet as well as audio visual material for all subjects.


  We have a rich library and it is one of the best learning centre equipped with various information and literatures. The library contains academic and non-academic books for the teachers and students. Students come to library for quiet study, research and leisure reading.Our mission is to make them effective uses of library. Students are encouraged to spend most of their leisure time in the library to improve their reading skill. Books are also issued to the students for home reading.


     Games and sports are internal part of the school curriculum. Children are trained in various sports to prepare    them for inter school, state, national & international level competitions. National level coaches have been          appointed to groom the children in various sports.
School trains students in following Games/Sports :-

  • Table Tennis
  • Washu Taekwondo
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Karate
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Volleyball
  • Chess
  • Carom
  • Badminton
  • Kho-Kho
  • Kabaddi
  • Cricket


Achievement in Sports :-

  • Table Tennis (Under 14) held on 3rd September 2014 won the at the district level & Mamta of class VIII was selected for the state level competition.
  • Taekwondo held on 2nd November 2014 at Dundlod Shekhawati School won the 1st position at the Inter-District level beating the other six schools. Our proud students won 19 Gold medals alone with 9 silver medals and 5 bronze medals and in National level Competition held at Haryana in Aryan Model School from 14th November to 16th November 2014 and bagged the 6 gold medals by girls only, 2 silver medals by boys and girls and 4 bronze medals.


We have Taekwondo & Judo Academy in our school which is one of the best martial arts training academy in the region. Students are trained for competition and championship at various level.


    The music room is well equipped with around more than 20 Indian & Western musical instruments. All sorts of  instruments like- Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Guitar, Casio in the music room. Children are motivated to learn at  least one Indian and one western musical instrument during their schooling. There is no bound to creativity.  Students are exposed to Paper mache, Clay moulding, Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Collage making, Modern  art, Thermacol art and a number of other forms of art.


              The main purpose of lab work in science education is to provide students with conceptual and theoretical knowledge to help them learn scientific concepts through scientific methods. Aegis Interanational School has well equipped and well ventilated physics, chemistry and Biology Laboratries. Catering to classes IX to XII students for their practical classes with ample space and scope for work at the labs, pointers enjoy science to the hilt.


  The rich and highly modern transportation of Aegis International School is always a matter of our pride. Yes, we can say that we are providing our scholars the best transport facility with experienced drivers.Bus or Van monitor are also appointed for inside discipline while in school building the maintainance is the key feature.


        It is an ultra modern computer lab where suffecient computer systems are available to benefit the students by         providing them  practical classes to ensure them walk with advance techonology. we are providing computer         practical classes from first class.

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