The school provides education from Pre-primary to senior classes.The medium of instruction is English.All the necessary subjects like English,Mathematics,Science,Social Science,Hindi,Sanskrit,Computer Science,Art,Music,Handicraft,Work experience,Health and Physical Education are part of academic programme.

The school programme not only enables students to acquire qualification necessary for earning their livelihood but also prepares them for the future so that they can make maximum use of each and every opportunities outside.

Co-Curricular activities: 

 Students have been divided into four houses namely Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. To bring out the hidden talents of the Children, Inter house competitions in both sports and cultural & Literacy activities are organized every now and then. These Competitions provide tremendous scope for the development of creativity & physical wealth.
Our co-curriculum activities includes:-   


Þ        Sola Dance Competition

Þ        Fancy Dress Competition

Þ        Mahendi Designing Competition

Þ        Debate on various Topics

Þ        Poster making Competition

Þ        Card Making

Þ        Essay Writing

Þ        Handwriting / Calligraphy

Þ        Spelling Competition

Þ        Just a minute (Extempore)

Þ        Interview presentation

Þ        Best out of waste

Þ        Rangoli making

Þ        Diya / Thali Decoration

Þ        Kite making competition

Þ        Rakhi Making

Þ        Matki Fod Competition

Þ        Water tag Competition

Þ        Poem / Story presentation


Solo dance competition

Fancy dress competition

Mahendi designing Competition

Debate on various topic

Poster making

Card making

Essay writing

Musical chair


Spelling competition

Best out of Waste




Þ        Ajotsav (Annual Function)

Þ        Annual Sports Meet

Þ        Mother’s Day Celebration

Þ        Dandia Celebration

Þ        National Festivals Celebration

Þ        Janmasthmi Celebration

Þ        Educational Excursion

Þ        Exhibition

Þ        Teacher’s Day Celebration


AIS is known not only for its high quality academics but also for its grand celebrations & Public functions like

Mother's Day Celebrations


Annual function & Prize Distribution Ceremony.

Annual Sports "Week"




Students of class I to X are devided into four houses namely Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.



A house master and the subordinates look after each house.



Students are selected as per their caliber and interest for various  house competitions and then trained by highly competent teachers.


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